6 ft Bearded Player Injures 3 Girl Athletes, Again
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M2F Trans Athletes Are Disabling Females in Many Different Sports

WASHINGTON - iSportsWire -- 6 ft Bearded Player Injures 3 Girl Athletes, Again
M2F Athletes Disabling Females in Many Different Sports

WASHINGTON, D.C. (February 21, 2024) -  A girl's basketball team was forced to forfeit its game after M2F 6 foot bearded "girl" on the opposing team seriously injured three of its players.
High school basketball game is abandoned after trans player 'injures three female opponents' with shocking video showing the biological male hurling an athlete to the floor (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-131056...)

This is only the most recent situation in which males playing on a female team have caused serious injuries to girls and women forced to compete against them, says professor John Banzhaf, who has documented such serious injuries not only in contact sports such as MMA, hockey, and rugby, but even in non-contact sports such as volleyball.

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But even years ago a similar situation resulted in very serious injuries to a female in another battering sport, and disabling injuries to girls and women athletes caused by male competitors have occurred in many different sports, even in non-contact ones such as volleyball, notes Banzhaf, the author of:
SPORTS LAW EXPERT - Professor Maintains that Trans Athletes Causing Serious Injuries to Girls (https://sportslawexpert.com/2022/12/12/professor-maintains-that-trans-athletes-causing-serious-injuries-to-girls/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=professor-maintains-that-trans-athletes-causing-serious-injuries-to-girls)

Prof Banzhaf, who has studied and written extensively on problems created when M2F athletes are permitted to compete against girls and women, says there are at least four reasons why such contests should not be permitted:

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■ In most sports and situations, M2F transgender athletes have a very significant size and strength advantage over their female competitors which can rob girls and women of opportunities to compete fairly and win to obtain scholarships and other advantages, as well as seriously damaging their morale and discouraging their very participation in sports

■ In many sports - even non-contact sports such as volleyball - there is a very real and clearly established danger of serious and possibly permanent physical injuries to girls and women from M2F opponents

■ Forcing girls and women to shower and change clothing with a M2F biological man with male genitalia on their team violates their right to sexual and bodily privacy

■ Girls are actually being punished for refusing to play against M2F opponents, and even for simply speaking out against males on female teams.

Banzhaf notes that in other sports where biological considerations (such as strength) require separate competitions, those in the protected category are not required to run the risk and unfairness of having to compete against someone with a clear biological advantage.

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Source: Public Interest Law Professor John Banzhaf
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