Audio Gambler (a.k.a. Takeo Tama European Focused Marketing) Shuts Down
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SAN ANTONIO - iSportsWire -- A division of Music entertainment entity, Takeo Tama int., has closed its doors as of 1:00pm October 5th, 2022 (CET). The closing comes as both the brand and its parent-company (Kuneo Koei) begin renovating and rejuvenating their primary target marketing and community sharing explorations.

"Sometimes, where it's easy for small companies to play on the large conglomerate field, via the Internet and its ability to allow localization and regional research and development with zero upfront costs, everything is changing so much and so fast currently that being ready for the unexpected and unthinkable takes the better part of any acknowledgement regarding trends or distribution." Takeo Tama executives explained.

Takeo Tama expects to grow and enhance immensely per their perceptions of what will become possible moving forward.

"We're already seeing great feedback with our [Takeo Tama Direct!] initiatives and hope it's a steady ride for our tier one targeting, which is something we've struggled with in terms of listener acquisition and interoperability. International audiences seem to get the broader listening spirit quicker than North American and Canadian markets which teeter in trends, seemingly, but a shift can be felt and seen in a lot of what's occurred since micro video services and clip audio platforms have debuted and matured."

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"Hearing that Spotify aspires to have Canvas ploys and that TikTok is upping video lengths to ten minutes long is good news for entities like ours that aspire to dominate in the realm of high quality, high standard musical and lyrical experiences."

"Particularly where we're equipped to have listeners cleared to use our audio in their uploaded videos by default."

"Like the old Zen tale, we shall see?"

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About Takeo Tama:

Takeo Tama is a "Music" focused entertainment creator, offering a variety of Songs spanning many styles including Classical, Electro, Pop, Rock, and 8/16-Bit (a.k.a. Chiptune).

Media Contact
Kuneo Koei
+1 (224)600-5608

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