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HIALEAH, Fla. - iSportsWire -- A high vertical jump can prove to be a massive advantage in sports, and this fact holds even more merit when it comes to basketball. is a popular blog that will often provide various tips for basketball casuals and enthusiasts alike. In this case, they've decided to undergo an in-depth review of Vert Shock, one of the more popular jump programs in the jump training space.

Vert Shock is a vertical leap training program made by Adam Folker and Justin Darlington, with the intent of helping athletes jump higher through a plyometrics-oriented approach. attempts to breakdown and explain the different variables that make Vert Shock so effective, despite not using weights in the main program. According to the blog, Vert Shock is known as one of the leading jump programs in the jump training space.

Adam highlights the importance of one's vertical jump and its ability to radically shift an athlete's performance in-game, particularly that of basketball players. Being no stranger to having a poor jump, he took the information he had collected from years of research and distilled it into an exact process that can be easily followed by others.

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To review the Vert Shock program, the site takes a more personal perspective of the experience behind using the program and also includes a technical analysis of the program's various components. From trying Vert Shock, the site has managed to conclude that this program holds both a reliable and safe system that can help athletes from all levels in being able to increase their vertical jump.

On the program's official site, they state that Vert Shock can add anywhere from 9 to 15 inches in jump height over the 12 week period. Looking at its structure, the program is broken down into three separate phases, each of which focuses on separate fundamentals to fully maximize one's speed and explosiveness. For more information on the Vert Shock program and a look at how it compares against its competitors, one may visit to see the complete review of the program.

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