Cutting-Edge CGM Systems for Athletes, Available Summer 2024
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ALEXANDRIA, Va. - iSportsWire -- AZ Diabetic, a leader in glucose monitoring technology, is thrilled to announce the upcoming summer release of two groundbreaking continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems: Abbott Lingo and Dexcom Stelo. These advanced devices are designed to empower athletes over 18 with real-time glucose insights, enhancing their performance and overall health. Additionally, AZ Diabetic is poised to supply these innovative systems in bulk to athletic departments and group athletics, ensuring broader access to cutting-edge health technology.

Athletes across various sports can now benefit from continuous glucose monitoring!

Abbott Lingo: Personalized Health Insights and Coaching
The Abbott Lingo biowearable features a cutting-edge biosensor worn on the upper arm, continuously measuring glucose levels for up to 14 days. The collected data is transmitted to a smartphone app that offers personalized insights and coaching, allowing athletes to understand how their bodies respond to different foods, exercises, and stressors. This information helps athletes fine-tune their nutrition and training regimens for enhanced performance and quicker recovery.

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Dexcom Stelo: Real-Time Glucose Monitoring for Optimal Performance
Dexcom Stelo is an over-the-counter integrated continuous glucose monitor (iCGM) that provides 24/7 glucose readings for up to 15 days. The sensor, worn on the back of the upper arm, sends glucose data directly to a smartphone, enabling athletes to make immediate adjustments during training and competition. This system is ideal for athletes needing to manage their energy levels and prevent glucose-related fatigue.

Enhancing Performance Across a Range of Sports:
- Endurance Sports (Running, Cycling, Triathlon): Maintain stable glucose levels for sustained energy and performance during long-duration events.
- Team Sports (Soccer, Basketball, Football): Ensure optimal glucose levels at the start of games and training sessions, reducing the risk of mid-game fatigue.
- Strength and Power Sports (Weightlifting, CrossFit): Manage energy peaks and troughs to support high-intensity efforts and effective recovery.
- Racquet Sports (Tennis, Badminton, Squash): Maintain consistent energy levels to ensure focus and agility throughout matches.

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- Swimming: Monitor glucose levels before and after sessions to ensure adequate energy for training and recovery.

Bulk Supply for Athletic Departments and Group Athletics
AZ Diabetic is equipped to supply Abbott Lingo and Dexcom Stelo CGM systems in bulk, catering to the needs of athletic departments and group athletics. This initiative ensures that more athletes can access these advanced health technologies, promoting optimal performance and overall well-being on a larger scale.

Benefits for Athletes
- Injury Prevention: Avoid hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, reducing the risk of energy-related injuries.
- Enhanced Recovery: Plan post-workout nutrition effectively to support quicker and more effective recovery.
- Long-term Health: Maintain overall metabolic health, reducing the risk of long-term conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular issues.

For more information, visit AZ Diabetic, or call 877-883-0001.


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