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Wanted: Someone to catch my breaking fast ball. It's only 90mph...

PHOENIX - iSportsWire -- Levi MaVorhis pitched baseball for 4 years with Kansas State University, and then played professionally in the St. Louis Cardinals minor league system. Anyone who is familiar with Minor League Baseball knows it as a budget enterprise. His first season, Levi shared a camping trailer with another player on a nice family's farm in Tennessee. While some highly-ranked players received big signing bonuses and drove to practice in tricked-out pick-up trucks, most players drove 20 year-old beaters and ate peanut butter sandwiches, chasing their dream. In the off season, Levi worked in a retail store and kept up his training.

"It could be tough to find guys to train with. I might have to drive 4 or 5 hours to throw." Levi was a pitcher, and not everybody can handle a breaking 90mph fastball.

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After 5 seasons playing in the minors and with semi-pro teams, Levi decided it was time to move on, but he didn't forget his fellow athletes. He decided to create a phone application to help athletes connect. Recently, that app has launched.

"Athlete Center" is a free app that allows athletes, former athletes, coaches, trainers - high school, college, professional - to find others of like mind in their area. Athletes train together, share an apartment, or socialize and have a night out. Or invest in a jar of peanut butter and a loaf of bread!

"Athlete Center" is helping athletes avoid that 5 hour drive to find a training partner. Levi later discovered that, if "Athlete Center" had existed on his phone when he was in the minors, he would have been able to train with a catcher who lived just 20 minutes away.

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