Hillcliff Personal Training Rebrands as Acer Fitness
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BARNET, U.K. - iSportsWire -- Hillcliff Personal Training, a leading specialist health and fitness company, has rebranded to reflect its evolution and primary focus; of helping people with hypermobility spectrum disorders through strength and conditioning exercise prescription and training.

Acer Fitness offers a unique approach to personal training that addresses the specific needs of individuals with joint hypermobility. This includes customised exercise plans, adaptability of programmes dependent on the current challenges each client is facing, and modifications to traditional exercises to reduce the risk of injury and manage the chronic pain associated with these musculoskeletal issues.

"We are thrilled to unveil our new identity as Acer Fitness," said Claudine Hillier, Lead Trainer and Head of Programme Development. "Our company started 15 years ago, and for the past 6 of those years, it's primary focus has been on training on clients with symptomatic hypermobility issues. Our new branding allows us to better showcase our expertise in this area. We are confident that this new direction will help cement us as the go-to team for supporting this population, and better serve our customers and stand out in the crowded fitness marketplace as one of the leading experts in this specialist field."

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"I have dealt first-hand with the challenges that individuals with joint hypermobility face when it comes to exercise and understand what it is like to live with this day to day. It's one of the greatest rewards as a trainer to be able to help so many people literally change their lives through strength and fitness, and educate people in the techniques we can use to manage this condition."

The new brand name was selected for several reasons. Acer is a derivative of the ancient Greek word meaning at the end, at the top, outermost; and so, an appropriate name for clients whose joints move at the extreme end of range. Secondly, it signifies the excellent service our clients experience. It reinforces the company's commitment to research and learning and providing first rate services and programmes for this specific market.

The tagline, "Building resilience through strength" reflects the challenges that clients face in the pursuit of managing the physical challenges that come with living with a hypermobility spectrum disorder or hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (hEDS).

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In addition to the new branding, Acer Fitness has launched a revamped website that highlights their range of products and services and the ways that through technology, they are now able to help clients across the country. The website will be a valuable resource for those looking for help.

For more information on Acer Fitness and their services, visit the new website at http://www.acerfitness.com.

Claudine Hillier

Source: Hillcliff Personal Training

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