Introducing COES 45% Copper Toe Socks: The Ultimate Solution For Healthy Feet
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Are you tired of dealing with foot fungus issues like athlete's foot? Do you want to keep your feet fresh, dry, and free from uncomfortable itching and odor? Look no further! COES 45% Copper Toe Socks are here.

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. - iSportsWire -- The Birth of COES Copper Toe Socks

"During my tenure as a roofer, I was entrusted with explicit instructions to use copper nails exclusively when installing copper gutters, regardless of their cost and occasional scarcity. My boss stressed the absolute necessity of these copper nails for the job, and while I was curious, he couldn't provide an in-depth explanation at the time. However, a service call to a magnificent multi-million-dollar residence shed light on the reason behind this requirement. The steel nails used to secure a copper gutter had deteriorated significantly in just five years due to a phenomenon known as galvanic coupling." (Joshua Heo / Inventor)

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The science behind it is intriguing: When rainwater interacts with both copper and steel, it creates a potential difference, effectively forming a natural battery. This sets in motion the movement of electrons between the two metals. Copper, with its higher potential, becomes the cathode, while iron, with its lower potential, takes on the role of the anode. As a result, the corrosion rate of copper decreases, while the corrosion rate of iron increases. This imbalance ultimately leads to the iron nails corroding much faster than the copper gutter itself. Over time, this corrosion can weaken the gutters, potentially causing them to loosen and even fall off.

Interestingly, a similar phenomenon can occur with COES 45% copper-infused toe socks. During physical activities like running, our toes tend to sweat, creating moisture in the toe area. This moisture inadvertently sets the stage for a battery-like effect, akin to what happens with copper gutters and steel nails.

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The moisture from sweating toes acts as an electrolyte, facilitating the movement of copper ions within the socks. Just as with the gutters, copper, with its higher potential, takes on the role of the cathode, while the skin of the toes can potentially serve as the anode. This initiates a flow of electrons, creating a scenario where the copper within the socks can interact with the skin. This interaction has led to the development of COES Antifungal Socks, known for their remarkable efficacy in combating foot fungal issues.

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