Major SIGINT COMINT Software Update - Krypto500 v1.267 Released
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Artek-1HF 4+4 Constellation Selex CM117e AT-3104D GL-5100 Comint Consulting, LLC
An enormous release featuring new hardware support and 20+ new decoder solutions!

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The new Krypto500 v1.267 release will soon be sent to authorized customers. It is our largest single, free update, with new hardware support and 20+ new decoders - you'd have to wait more than a decade for our 'competitors' to offer you this many new, unique decoders.

We now have 170+ more decoders than any other software, worldwide. Unlike other software, we have zero obsolete modes, 100% complete solutions (all known waveforms and parsers for target modems) and all modes are 100% relevant to today's SIGINT professional.

The new release contains:

New hardware supported
Ettus N320 and N321
     Note: All other Ettus radios (B100, B200, E300, E320, MPMD, N230, N300, USRP1, USRP2 and X300 - are already supported through UHD library v3.15.0.0.

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New Decoders, Parsers and Decoder Presets:
AW448 new FSK waveform
Grintek TR-250 / DT200
Harris AutoLink
Huneed VSC-870K
KFF-61 2VFT system
Mil-Std 188-141B 3G ALE (updated to add an additional parser)
Racal TRA-3910 Yeoman OTAR
Selex CM117e Parser (Stanag4285)
T-208 (two new waveforms and custom, user-defined added)
Tadiran FLASH
Tadiran RT-2001
Vyshka Selcall

Of course, we've updated our Precision Classifiers and RadioID (precision transceiver identification) as well in this new v1.267 release.

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