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57 year old uses fitness, diet and YouTube channel to overcome depression.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - iSportsWire -- Muscle and Fitness magazine $20,000 contest. Charles Davis a 57 year old is hoping to be featured in Muscle and Fitness magazine. He went back into the gym at Planet Fitness and LA fitness 9 months ago and the results are tremendous. He says, "My physical growth is a bi-product of the increased mental health that brought me out of depression from exercising in the gym 5 days a week, diet and spending 1000's of hours building his son's YouTube channel Corys World Catos Bridge. Understanding "How to lose weight?",  was the first step.

He is hoping this contest will give increased awareness in mental health, give a better name to #DadBod and help the elderly get better physically fit to increase a longer and healthier life. Mr. Davis plans on helping 5 individuals with poor mental health by giving them one year gym memberships.

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The biggest area you need to look at is diet. This is the key to body building fitness. Muscle and Fitness magazine is one of the best resources for this and keys to exercising for a more enriching life.

Mr. Davis is asking all who read this that want to support the elderly getting physically fit, changing the Dad Bod image and increasing mental health to vote for him here at .

If he wins he will be supporting mental health and physical fitness by giving away 5 gym memberships on his and his son's YouTube channel .
Mr. Davis is hoping to make the world a better place for many.

Charles Davis Muscle and Fitness Contestant

Source: Behavioral Health Network Resources

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