Pepsi Cola Placed in Up Coming Vendetta Vette (c) Movie Trailer 12/2023
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Triumph Donnelly Studios announced today they have pulled Coca Cola as the office beverage for their movie character Vendetta Vette (c) for a better taste and nutrition Pepsi for consumers...

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Announced today by Triumph Donnelly Studios Corporation  in Tucson that as a non-sponsored product placement Coca Cola product shall be pulled from the project to change to Pepsi Cola because of a better taste and nutrition for consumers over Coca Cola. The up coming Vendetta Vette (c) Mission One official trailer 12- 2023 shall introduce the strong women characters and her exciting cars, gadgets and more that shall give James Bond  a run for his money. The company chose a Pepsi  product as non-sponsored which means Triumph Donnelly Studios Corporation shall buy the Pepsi product as placed on-set in the trailer. The strong women genre shall empower women globally with the new Vendetta Vette (c) franchise starting mid 2024. The plastic soda bottle shall be the beverage of choice for the movie character and her team in the official trailer. Under the Fair Trade Act,  a company can purchase a product from a company as a consumer which does not need to be supported by the company that makes the product to be a product placement product in a movie.

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Triumph Donnelly Studios Corporation chose this Pepsi product as a globally acknowledged product for the movie trailer which is now in development for mid 2023  the company stated. The company is in  talks for sponsored products in the trailer.


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