St. Augustine, FL Homeowner Cuts Energy Bills By 75% With Home Solar Panels
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Despite recent rate hikes, one St. Augustine, FL homeowner has taken significant steps towards future-proofing their energy costs. By installing solar panels on their home, they have cut their energy bills by an impressive 75%.

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. - iSportsWire -- Millions of Florida homeowners will begin seeing higher energy bills starting in April of this year. State regulators approved another utility price increase citing Hurricane costs and higher-than-expected natural gas prices last year are cited as the primary cause. This comes after almost two straight years of double-digit rate increases across Florida.

One St. Augustine, FL homeowner has taken matters into her own hands to guard against utility rate hikes by calling Raze Solar and switching to solar power.

Prior to installing a residential solar energy system, this homeowner's monthly bill averaged $205. This homeowner chose to remain connected to the energy grid through a net metering agreement with her utility company and bypass the need for expensive solar batteries.

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After adding solar panels, 75% of her home's energy needs are supplied by the sun - significantly reducing her monthly energy bill. Extra power generated during the day is fed back to the grid, and the homeowner earns monthly credits that are applied to her bill and offset energy costs from nighttime usage. Read the full case study here: Solar Panel Installation in St. Augustine, Fl.

Home solar panels have increased in popularity, especially in Florida, where most cities get an above-average amount of sunlight each year. In addition to future-proofing utility costs, homeowners can reduce their impact on the environment and increase their home value. With the availability of tax credits and $0 down solar financing offers, the decision to switch to solar power has never been easier.

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The homeowner's experience is a great example of how homeowners can take control of their energy bills and make a positive impact on the environment. With the help from a St. Augustine solar panel installer, local homeowners can also start generating their own clean energy and reduce their reliance on traditional energy sources. For more information on home solar panel installations and how they can benefit you, contact Raze Solar today.

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