Universities Indoctrinating Class of Intimated Socialist Censors
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No Surprise Given Overwhelming Percentages of Liberal Professors

WASHINGTON - iSportsWire -- A new survey shows that universities are turning out, and probably indoctrinating, graduates who are too intimated to speak out, strongly favor censorship, and are increasingly socialist, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf.

■ 67 percent who would require all professors and administrators to make statements in favor of diversity, equity, and inclusion
■ 50% have accepted that "America is inextricably linked to white supremacy"
■ 50% of students, faculty and staff introduce themselves with their preferred pronouns
■ 33% favor socialism and would prefer to live in under a socialist system

None of this should be surprising, since many studies show that most faculties are overwhelmingly liberal at most universities, and actively teach that drowning out speakers or otherwise preventing them from speaking is part of freedom of speech, as is the use of violence against those with whom one disagrees.

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Another important trend is that today's university students refuse to spend much time studying,insisting that tough courses be dumbed down to help them pass, and then expect no to pay back student loans.

"The inmates are taking over the asylum, or in this case the campus," says Banzhaf, noting that a major university [UCSD] has endorsed and now offers the ultimate gut course in the name of decolonization, another top university [NYU] fired a professor because students found his course too difficult, and a third university [GWU] has decapitated its long-time mascot to also fight colonialism.

So, in addition to epidemics of political correctness and cancel culture now overwhelming even our top universities, there is now a mad rush to the bottom.  In perverse examples of Gresham's law ("bad money drives out good"), and sociologist Daniel Patrick Moynihan's warning about "defining deviancy down" (lowering standards and expectations), universities and individual professors are being pressured if not forced to slash their standards, argues Banzhaf.

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Source: Public Interest Law Professor John Banzhaf

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