Utah Mom Set Out on Solo Road Trip to Play Pick-up Pickleball in All 50 States
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Lorraine Rupper, a guidance counselor at West Hills Middle School, planned the ultimate pickleball road tour itinerary on a shoe string budget.

OREM, Utah - iSportsWire -- A Middle School Counselor from Orem, Utah set out to play pickleball in all 50 states in the nation earlier this month. Lorraine Rupper is an insanely athletic middle aged mom who fell in love with pickleball. After playing pickleball in Alaska and Hawaii, she decided, why not start a solo, impromptu Pickleball Road Tour on a shoe string budget. She headed south towards New Mexico and began looping through parks in search of of pickleball players willing to give her a pick-up game. As she makes her way to random pickleball courts in each of the 50 states, she encounters various challenges such as sometimes there is nobody at the park and she has to seek a new court using Pickle Heads. Other times, she's able to recruit tennis players or basketball players to give her a match. She's found that most Americans in the 50 states have been kind and welcoming to help her with her quest. In fact, the only two states that have snubbed her so far are the "high society" women of New Hampshire and Maine. Though she was rejected in those two states, she remained optimistic and made her way through Beaver, Pennsylvania, Cleaveland, Ohio, and Bohim, Indiana in the past 24 hours. She updates her friends on her Facebook page a couple of times a day and we're having so much fun following her journey. She created a rigorous schedule, but is making changes on the fly and rerouting depending on the opportunities available. She's developing a story of a lifetime and making friends a long the way. Her friends are all so inspired and impressed with her spirit of adventure driven by the game that she loves.

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